Only the best and most committed trainers get to see this page!
Thank you for your intention to apply for the position of Teacher/Curator.
Please watch the video below, and follow the instructions in it (and under it)
Record a short video, under 3 minutes with the following
Your name and backgroung
You can talk about any relevant background: where you lived, what you studied, which courses you did, what experienced you accumulated.
…or your passion, or your hobby, or the thing(s) you love to do most! I've talked about some of my examples in the video. This can be professional, personal, a hobby, an interest you have – fire away!
Your TOP 3 GOALS for the next year!
Share with me the three things that you shouldn't, but you MUST AND WILL MAKE HAPPEN ;)
Again, this can be work related, personal goals, growth goals, things you want to buy, again.
Once you're done, send me the video to one of the channels below
or upload it on YouTube or Vimeo and send me the link to it
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